We’re looking for inquisitive, hard-working people to join our team and help empower our global community.

A fantastic opportunity

If you’re looking to pursue a career in the sustainability, renewables or environmental sector, our internships offer a fantastic opportunity to build your knowledge, skills and professional network. You’ll get a real insight into our business, as well as valuable experience in a supportive environment working alongside some of the most high-profile people in our sector.  Carbon Trust internships are competitively paid.

Runs throughout the year

The internship programme runs throughout the year and opportunities can come up at any time. Internships typically run for three or six months and are based in our central London offices, SE1 or in our Edinburgh offices.Internships cover areas such as policy, technology, business analytics, accreditation and marketing.  If you have a strong preference please make that known when submitting your application.


As you'd expect we get a lot of applications so only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis as and when opportunities arise - please specify the dates and duration you are available for an internship in your application. You may also like to read our Privacy notice for job applicants.