Carbon Trust to help develop eco-labelling scheme for Malaysian construction industry

As part of its role within the consortium, the Carbon Trust will create sustainable production and consumption practices for Malaysian manufacturers of building materials. The Carbon Trust will also help to develop a standard eco-labelling scheme to enable companies to report on and demonstrate the environmental credentials of their products through the use of a credible and recognised label. The labelling scheme will incorporate key metrics, such as water, waste, resource selection and efficiency, and pollution, depending on the nature of the product category.

The Malaysian construction sector continues to play an important role in the country's economic performance with strong growth of 18.9%2 posted in the first half of 2012. The aim of the 3 year project, which will receiveEUR2.2 million in funding from the EU, is to lower the environmental impact of the construction sector in Malaysia and ultimately the associated export markets through an eco-labelling scheme.  The Carbon Trust was selected based on its world-class experience in product footprinting, supply chain management and carbon management in construction and building materials. 

This innovative project will see the development of guidance and piloting tools at scale, allowing Malaysian companies to measure and reduce lifecycle environmental impacts of products, which is of particular importance given the rapid growth of the Malaysian construction sector.  By transferring knowledge of international best practice the Carbon Trust will develop mechanisms to support the procurement of sustainable products along the supply chain.
The EU is pleased to support the development of an eco-labelling scheme for Malaysia's construction industry. Eco-labels provide the all-important transparency that allows businesses to display their environmental credentials and enable consumers to purchase conscientiously. Such transparency is key to transforming consumption and production patterns that are needed to bring about a green economy. The EU is confident this partnership with Malaysia to reduce carbon will positively contribute to the global fight against climate change.
- Luc Vandebon, Head of the EU Delegation to Malaysia
We are really excited to get the opportunity to be part of this ambitious project with SIRIM. The Carbon Trust has over a decade of experience working with the construction sector on carbon management and footprinting. To-date we have carbon footprinted and certified over 27,000 product carbon footprints including roof tiles, bricks, and cement. This wealth of knowledge will be brought to the project to deliver a credible framework that will enable Malaysian building material companies to reduce their environmental impact.
- Hugh Jones, Managing Director of Business Services at the Carbon Trust
  1 - SIRIM formerly the Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia 2 - Economic Performance and Prospects - Economic report 2012/2013

About the Carbon Trust

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